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The Focus Ties Story

The Focus Ties Story

On a sunny summers morning I strolled through the marble threshold of a large department store (which will remain un-named). I was in pursuit of a new tie for an upcoming job interview. As I entered the men’s business wear section my senses heightened and I grew eager to sort through the myriad of ties the store was sure to have and eventually find one that was perfect…. To my surprise, what greeted me was a sea of predictable, boring colours and low quality silk, carelessly tangled over 3 spindle racks.

I gathered up a woven purple number for inspection. As I held it, the haggard stitching threatened to fall to pieces and the flimsy silk almost instantly creased in my hands. I searched deeper through the racks convinced this couldn’t be all that was available! My horror grew when I saw the recommended price… With no other perceivable options available to me, I handed over my money at the cash register knowing that a small part of me had died.

From that day forward I vowed I would never again pay a king’s ransom for a substandard, boring tie. From that moment, in the depths of my mind, the idea of Focus Ties was born.

At Focus Ties our mission is to provide the finest ties at the finest prices. We have compiled a selection of high quality, vibrant colours and styles that will differentiate the modern gentleman. We spend countless hours pondering over combinations of tie colours against different business shirts to bring you a palette that should satisfy any taste. Let us help you take control of your business attire. Choose a tie that captures both your personality, and business acumen.

Each Focus tie is made with care from the highest quality silk and features durable stitching designed to last day in day out of business or casual wear. Focus ties are produced with a high quality weighted wool liner which allows for a thick, tight and beautiful knot while still allowing the tie to hang across your chest without creases or rippling. Each Focus tie design is selected to couple with a range of shirt colours and patterns to accentuate the style of a modern gentleman.

Focus ties…fine ties fine prices.

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I ordered a tie from the site to wear to a wedding I was going to. It came very quick! Was unsure about the colour (my fault) so I contacted Justin from Focus Ties and he said send it back and swap it for a different tie which I did. Super impressed with the service received and how quick even the return was handled and new tie was sent out. Would highly recommend this company! Thanks again Kurt W., Perth, WA
Testimonial made on 6 March 2018
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Great product, fast delivery, very good value. Shall definitely be buying again. Robin S., Melbourne, VIC
Testimonial made on 12 December 2017
Profile image
Excellent quality tie which arrived quickly for Xmas.Loved the colour. Jan F., New Gisborne, VIC
Testimonial made on 11 December 2017
Profile image
Great service! Kristilee E., Sydney, NSW
Testimonial made on 5 December 2017
Profile image
Very happy with my purchase and will buy more, great quality, style and price. It's hard these days to find affordable ties that look nice and aren't polyester and/or aren't too skinny. Tony N., Sydney, NSW
Testimonial made on 28 November 2017