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Use the Shopping Options on the left to narrow your search or simply browse through our full range of silk ties below! Buy silk business ties online at Focus Ties - each Focus tie design is selected to couple with a range of shirt colours and patterns to accentuate the style of a modern gentleman. Each Focus tie is made with care from the highest quality silk and features durable stitching designed to last day in day out of business or casual wear.

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  • Acrux

    The combination of dark blue and red colours are associated with prosperity, spirituality and wisdom. Featuring a weighted wool liner, the Acrux will produce a thick, tight knot to add to your sophisticated attire.

    Acrux is the brightest star in the constellation Crux also known as the Southern Cross. Acrux is the southernmost first-magnitude star south of Alpha Centauri. Learn More

  • Agera

    The Swedish outfit Koenigsegg specializes in ultra-high-performance sports cars. Its latest creation, the Agera, takes performance to nearly unbelievable levels Learn More

  • Agua

    The Agua features a light purple/lavender colour that really sets this tie apart from the rest. Perfect to be worn to formal events, to the office or even out to casual events.

    Volcán de Agua is a volcano located in Guatemala. At 3,760 m (12,340 ft), Agua Volcano towers more than 3,500 m (11,500 ft) above the Pacific coastal plain to the south and 2,000 m (6,600 ft) above the Guatemalan Highlands to the north. It dominates the local landscape except when hidden by cloud cover. Learn More

  • Alid

    The Alid features a stunning pink self striped design to create a stunning tie that is sure to please the eye of all those who see you wearing it.

    Alid is a little-visited volcanic structure in the Danakil depression of Ethiopia and covers an area of about 20 sq. miles (30 sq Km). Learn More

  • Andretti

    Like a ripe bright red apple ready to be picked from an apple tree, the Andretti's neat woven red silk is just waiting for you to pick it!

    The American dream in driver form, the Italian-born Andretti became arguably the most successful, and certainly the most versatile, racing driver North America has ever produced. Learn More

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  • Andromeda

    The effortlessly stylish Andromeda is the pinnacle of versatility. It can accentuate your coloured or dark business shirts or it can take your regular outfit for Friday night to the next level. A sharp silver woven silk featuring a weighted wool liner, this tie is for the man who needs to look really really great at all times.

    The Andromeda Galaxy is a spiral galaxy approximately 2.5 million light-years from Earth. It gets its name from the area of the sky in which it appears, the constellation of Andromeda, which was named after the Greek mythological princess Andromeda. Learn More

  • Antisana

    The stunning mix of purple and mauve colours in the Antisana are a great looking combination, perfect for corporate or casual attire.

    Antisana is a volcano of the northern Andes, in Ecuador. It is the fourth highest volcano in Ecuador, at 5,704 metres (18,714 ft), and is located 50 kilometres (31 mi) SE of the capital city of Quito. Learn More

  • Arenal

    The Blue Skinny tie. This versatile tie can be worn in multiple settings ranging from casual settings to formal events. The 5cm blade width is a classic Skinny tie width.

    Conical Volcan Arenal is the youngest volcano in Costa Rica and one of its most active. The 1657-m-high andesitic volcano towers above the eastern shores of Lake Arenal. Learn More

  • Aurora

    The Aurora is true to it's namesake, capturing a collision of tropic blue and silver woven silks infused with a weighted wool liner. The two tone woven silk design means that this tie will have a subtle hint of silver when viewed in the correct light. To be worn whenever you feel the need to step outside your 'blue shirt, red tie' shackles.

    Created through collision of energetic charged particles with atoms in the high altitude atmosphere, the Aurora is a beautiful natural light display which can be seen across the night sky at high latitudes. Learn More

  • Aventador

    The latest Lamborghini flagship supercar is an obvious evolution of the mighty Murcielago that preceded it. As expected, packs an enormous amount of power and flashy style Learn More

  • Azure

    A stunning silver tie with blue floral patter.

    Following a three year gap from it's predecessor, the new, significantly improved Bentley Azure has now arrived. Featuring the 6.75L V8 from the Arnage, power is upped to 450bhp (quite necessary in a near 3 tonne car) while torque is a tree stump pulling 645lbft for smooth and effortless acceleration. Learn More

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  • Banda

    The Banda takes simple style to new levels. With a premium weave of fine blue silk wrapped around a double layered wool liner. The Banda is the perfect tie for business or pleasure.

    The Banda Sea is a sea in the Maluku Islands of Indonesia, part of the Pacific Ocean but separated from it by hundreds of islands, as well as the Halmahera and Ceram Seas. It is about 1000 km east to west, and about 500 km north to south. Learn More

  • Bering

    The Bering is a perfect separator tie. In between a patterned or light coloured shirt and dark suit you can find the perfectly balanced ensemble.

    The Bering Sea is a marginal sea of the Pacific Ocean. The Bering Sea is separated from the Gulf of Alaska by the Alaska Peninsula. It covers over two million square kilometers. Learn More

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  • Bismarck

    The diamond black of the Bismark is eye catching to say the least. In combination with a dark suit and light shirt this tie will set you apart from the crowd.

    The Bismarck Sea lies in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. It is named in honour of the German chancellor Otto von Bismarck. It was the site of a major Japanese naval defeat in the Battle of the Bismarck Sea during World War II on 3 and 4 March 1943. Learn More

  • Cadillac

    The Cadillac is a fiercely styled mesh of blue and gold woven silk. It will look right at home as the finishing touch to any business or casual out fit.

    The 1959 Cadillac could be described as huge, heavy, and comically over-styled but regardless it is one of the most sought after classic cars in the world. Learn More

  • Cerrado

    Like a corner piece of rich dark chocolate, the deep purple of the Cerrado will mesmerise your colleagues and invite that girl with the strawberry mojito to slide on over and engage you in some worldly conversation. Featuring a beautifully textured woven silk and weighted wool liner, the Cerrado will take you from fighting dragons to saving a princess.

    The vast tropical savannah of the Cerrado covers 21% of Brazil’s land area. It is biologically the richest savannah in the world. Learn More

  • Congo

    Celebrate your distinctive style with the burst of woven silk magic that is the Congo. This tie blends a subtle mix of deep purple and eye catching pink to demonstrate both your practicality and creativity. Featuring a heavy wool liner, the Congo will produce a plush thick knot time after time.

    The Congo is a tropical rainforest within central Africa and is home to over 600 tree species and 10,000 animal species. Learn More

  • Continental

    The Lincoln Continental of the '60s helped to bring about the end of the gaudy, overstyled American cars of the '50s. The 1965 model year is a particular favorite among enthusiasts. Learn More

  • Corvette

    To fit in with its namesake, the Corvette is a strikingly sharp shade of golden orange. It is the perfect tie to break up a standard business shirt and tie or casual ensemble.

    The first generation Corvette is the most significant American car ever created. Its stunningly original design and impressive performance, not to mention its potent fuel-injected engines, proved once and for all that America could compete in the sports car arena. Learn More

  • Countach

    A stunning purple tie made for a special occasion. With soft silk with a satin finish, this tie is perfect for your most important events - whether it's a wedding, ball, party or a special day - this tie is made to impress!

    After 15 years as 'King of the Supercars' the Anniversary edition marked the final incarnation of the Lamborghini Countach. Stunning looks, supreme performance and the aural delights of a 455bhp V12 masterpiece made the Countach the legend it is even today. Learn More

  • Diablo

    The Diablo is as bold and adventurous as its name suggests. This brilliant weave of golden silks will brighten up any business or casual outfit.

    The Lamborghini Diablo succeeded the famous Countach, and features even more wild speed and impracticality than its predecessor. Learn More

  • Elite

    The original Lotus Elite set the formula for all Lotuses to follow. It was extremely lightweight (roughly 1100 lbs), allowing it to make the most of its small, 1.2-liter engine. Learn More

  • Enzo

    It seems like every decade, Ferrari creates one magnum opus to show off everything its learned to date. For the 2000s, that honor fell on the Enzo—practically an F1 racecar in disguise Learn More

  • Everest

    Add some pop to your shirt tie combo with this blade of arctic blue silk lined joy. A beautiful example of how a woven silk can shine, the Everest features a crisp gloss finish weighed down by a luxurious wool liner. This baby will bring out a work suit tie ensemble or perhaps add some style to chinos and a leather jacket.

    Everest - Standing 8,848m above sea level, Mt Everest is well deserving of the title of ‘highest mountain on Earth’. Learn More

  • Fantale

    The Fantale features a stunning crosshatch design that perfectly blends a white and red combination.

    Fantale is a volcano on the floor of the Ethiopian Rift Valley. Steam issues from vents along the inner walls of the volcano's 6 km (4 miles) wide caldera. Learn More

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  • Fighter

    A stunning red rose pattern tie made for a special occasion. With soft silk with a satin finish, this tie is perfect for your most important events - whether it's a wedding, ball, party or a special day - this tie is made to impress!

    Bristol hold a unique place in the British automotive industry, renowned for their rare and hugely expensive luxury cars. The latest addition to the fleet is the Fighter, Bristol's first foray into the supercar market sector. Learn More

  • Furnas

    The classy crosshatch design of the Furnas makes this tie a wearable piece of your wardrobe that can be called on for any occasion!

    Furnas is a volcano on San Miguel Island near Portugal's mainland. The only historic eruption of Furnas was in 1630. Learn More

  • Galeras

    A simple blue woven tie, the Galeras is a must have tie for any mans tie collection.

    Galeras, a volcano with a large breached caldera located immediately west of the city of Pasto, is one of Colombia's most frequently active volcanoes. Learn More

  • Gallardo

    In 2003, Lamborghini welcomed a second model into its stable, the "entry-level" Gallardo. Designed to do battle with the midengined Ferraris, it offered a strikingly distinct style and an exhilarating high-rpm V-10 engine Learn More

  • Healey

    The Austin-Healey 3000 is a touch larger and heavier than other British roadsters of its day. By today's standard, though, it's still a compact featherweight. Learn More

  • Helios

    Step out in style with the deep blue magic of the Helios. This tie captivates with its thick blade and plush stitched silk and weighted wool liner. Perfect for adding balance to a light suit or blending with a dark suit and light shirt.

    Helios is the Greek titan imagined as a handsome man crowned with the shining crown of the Sun, who drove the chariot of the sun across the sky each day to earth-circling Oceanus and through the world-ocean returned to the East at night. Learn More

  • Hornet

    Hudson is one of Detroit's lesser-known manufacturers. Its Hornet model, however, epitomizes "bathtub" styling and holds a place in history for its significant role in stock-car racing. Learn More

  • Hunt

    Like its namesake this tie has two distinct attitudes: by day this tie is all business, by night its a playboy loving the attention it gets. In other words this versatile tie is perfect for both professional and casual environments.

    James Hunt captured the imagination of a generation of British teenagers in the summer of 1976, as he swash-buckled and partied his way to the Formula 1 world championship title. But despite the fun-loving playboy side to his nature, he saved a fierce and competitive racing force for his rivals on the track. Learn More

  • Java

    Much like the flavoursome coffee, the Java is an energising way to start your day. With and exciting blend of purple and black silks this tie is a lavishly stylish tie.

    The Java Sea is a large shallow sea between the Indonesian islands of Borneo to the north, Java to the south; Sumatra to the west, and Sulawesi to the east. Karimata Strait to its northwest, links it to the South China Sea. Learn More

  • Kailash

    Not for the faint of heart, the Kailash takes the word 'flair' with both hands, warms up briefly, and then throws it into orbit. This tie is a brilliant blend of pink and purple woven silk with a weighted wool liner to set off your dark or navy suit or your weekend jeans and shirt.

    Mt Kailash is the source of some of the longest rivers in Asia. Standing 6,638m high, to this day no man or woman has reached the summit. Learn More

  • Karthala

    The Red Skinny tie. This versatile tie can be worn in multiple settings ranging from casual settings to formal events. The 5cm blade width is a classic Skinny tie width.

    The Karthala Volcano is notoriously active, having erupted more than 20 times since the 19th century. The volcano rises to a height of 2,361 meters on the southern end of Grand Comore, the largest island in the nation of Comoros. Learn More

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  • Koro

    The platinum grey of the Koro is a striking way to break up a corporate outfit. Take a striped or plaid shirt and a fitted dark suit and you are in business.

    The Koro Sea or Sea of Koro is a sea in the Pacific Ocean between Viti Levu island, Fiji to the west and the Lau Islands to the east, surrounded by the islands of the Fijian archipelago. Learn More

  • Lauda

    The Black Skinny tie. This versatile tie can be worn in multiple settings ranging from casual settings to formal events. The 5cm blade width is a classic Skinny tie width.

    The Austrian F1 driver Niki Lauda was disregarded by critics when he bought his way into Formula 1 with Team March after an average career in F3 and F2, but some eye-catching performances with BRM in 1973 earned him a surprise move to Ferrari Learn More

  • Lazarev

    From its 8cm blade to its double layered wool liner, the Lazarev exudes corporate style . Compatible with any shade of blue, black or white shirt.

    The Lazarev Sea is a marginal sea of the Southern Ocean. It is located between the King Haakon VII Sea to the west and the Riiser-Larsen Sea to the east. The prevailing depth is 3000 meters, and the maximum depth exceeds 4500 meters. Learn More

  • Lena

    The Lena is a robust blend of solid black silk with a intricate stitched design. Ideal for any of your dark suits and light shirts.

    The Lena River is the easternmost of the three great Siberian rivers that flow into the Arctic Ocean. It is the 11th longest river in the world and has the 9th largest watershed. It is the greatest river whose watershed is entirely within Russian territorial boundaries. Learn More

  • Makalu

    Wealth, strength, passion, beauty - all words that come to mind when you gaze upon the piercing red and silver style of the Makalu. A two tone woven silk design means that this tie will have a subtle hint of silver when viewed in the correct light. This is a tie that demonstrates the flair and resonating confidence of the wearer. Godspeed.

    The peak of the Makulu is an immense 8,481m above sea level. Its summit ridge represents the border between Nepal and Tibet. Learn More

  • Mansell

    The Mansell is a tie that blends the power of red with the maturity of brown - a solid dark red tie is a must for every mans wardrobe.

    Nigel Mansell was the reigning F1 champion in 1991 when he moved over to CART, becoming the first person to win the CART title in his debut season, and making him the only person to hold both titles simultaneously. Learn More

  • Mauritius

    Like it's namesake, the Mauritius is a beautiful blend of colour and expression sure to brighten a dark suit and shirt combination. This fine silk tie with wool liner is a joy to gaze upon and a delight to wear.

    One of the most luxurious holiday destinations in the world, Mauritius is surrounded with rich coral reef and shallow calm waters. Learn More

  • Modena

    A sophisticated blend finely woven gold and black silks. The Modena is a perfect addition to any corporate or casual outfit.

    In 1999 Ferrari released the 360 Modena. Its exotic styling caught eyes and melted hearts. Learn More

  • Moss

    A delightful blend of red and navy silks. The Moss is the perfect addition to a white or blue shirt.

    If you were to list the greatest all-round racing drivers, there'd be a strong case for putting Stirling Moss right at the top. Success in sportscars, touring cars and rallying underlined the breadth of his talent Learn More

  • Nile

    Much like the deep fast flowing waters of the Nile river, this tie is coloured with a distinctive dark green. Woven silk over two layers of wool liner make the Nile a delight to wear atop any white or black shirt.

    The Nile is a major north-flowing river in northeastern Africa, generally regarded as the longest river in the world. It is 6,650 km long. Learn More

  • Oymyakon

    Just as the band Deep Purple are considered pioneers to modern heavy metal, the deep purple silk of the Oymyakon is truely a pioneer in style. Featuring a fine woven silk infused with a weighted wool liner. The Oymyakon is a brilliant addition to any modern corporate wardrobe.

    Known as the coldest permenantly inhabited place on Earth. Oymyakon, Russia was recorded at -90c in 1933 Learn More

  • Pagani

    Argentinian Horacio Pagani had no intention of being taken lightly when he created the Zonda supercar. With its powerful Mercedes-based V-12, Pagani's powerhouse has received widespread acclaim year after year Learn More

  • Pechora

    The Pechora is a great tie to mix up your standard Monday to Friday tie rotation. With a terrific dark black and grey pattern with a mix of blue scattered throughout it is the perfect addition to a dark suit and light shirt combination.

    Pechora Sea is located at the northwest of Russia, the southeastern part of the Barents Sea. The Pechora Sea is quite shallow, its average depth being only 6 m. The deepest point reaches 210 m. Learn More

  • Poas

    The Poas features an appealing design of blacks, greys, whites and a hint of subtle red.

    Poas is a volcano with several eroded calderas, cones, and two crater lakes at or near its summit. Poas has erupted at least 39 times since 1828 and is in state of nearly continuous mild activity. Learn More

  • Poseidon

    If the ancient Chinese silk weavers of 2000 BCE could see what would eventually become of their discovery they would certainly be impressed by a specimen like the Poseidon. The particularly lavish electric green of this woven silk tie will enhance dark shirts, light shirts or your chances of meeting your future wife. Your choice.

    Poseidon is know within Greek mythology as the God of the Sea. Poseidon was often depicted in literature and art led by dolphins and holding a golden trident. Learn More

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  • Prost

    The Prost feels like a Friday tie. It's relaxed, it's stylish, it's ready for the weekend. Wrap it around your white or navy shirt and you can bring on your Saturday.

    They called Alain Prost - 'le professeur' because he was silky smooth, fiercely intelligent and with four F1 world titles on his CV, it was a well-deserved nickname. Learn More

  • Purace

    A simple silver woven tie, the Purace is a must have tie for any mans tie collection.

    Purace is an active volcano in Colombia that has erupted at least 12 times this century with the most recent eruption in 1977. Learn More

  • Saser

    What is it about a perfect sunny day that makes you stop for a moment and take in your surroundings? The appreciation of beautiful things is an instinctive part of human nature, and so all of us at Focus Ties would ask you take a moment to appreciate the simple beauty of the Saser. This plush weave of purple and silver woven silk is truly a work of art.

    The Saser Kangri is a mountain standing 7672m above India’s Jammu and Kashmir states. It is also known as the home of the Shukpa Kunchang Glacier, a gigantic glacier which drains the eastern slopes of the mountainous region surrounding. Learn More

  • Sierra

    Like a ripe bright green apple ready to be picked from an apple tree, the Sierra's neat woven green silk is just waiting for you to pick it!

    The Sierra Nevada is a mountain range in the U.S. states of California and Nevada. The Sierra is home to three national parks, 20 wilderness areas, and two national monuments. Learn More

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  • Stewart

    The Stewart is a detailed blue and black woven silk design, suitable for any white, black or blue shirt.

    Jackie Stewart was one of those F1 drivers who was so smooth, so precise, that he didn't look quick unless you had a stopwatch in your hand. The 1969, 1971 and 1973 world champion is the man who set the template for his era. Learn More

  • Sumaco

    The Sumaco can only be described as a handsome tie. It's thick weighted liner and dark navy blue shade make it the perfect addition to your corporate or casual rotation.

    Sumaco is a volcano in Ecuador that last erupted in 1933. Earlier eruptions occurred in 1650 and 1895. Learn More

  • Testarossa

    Ask a layman to picture a Ferrari and the Testarossa is likely what comes to mind. The boxer 12-cylinder engine and unmistakable appearance make the Testarossa still the definitive Ferrari. Learn More

  • Thunderbird

    A uniquely styled blend of green and silver silks, the Thunderbird is a fresh alternative to your standard blue and red Monday - Friday ties.

    A true classic by any standards. The original T-Bird was a response to Chevy's Corvette, and oozes '50s diners and drive-ins style from every angle. Learn More

  • Tuscan

    With its spidery eyes, classic British shape, and roaring Speed Six engine, the modern iteration of the TVR Tuscan is like nothing else on the road. Learn More

  • Viper

    The fittingly named Viper is a ferociously sharp shade of golden orange. This is a tie to stand powerfully above your business shirt or Friday night wears.

    The original 1990 Dodge Viper has appeal to spare. Designed to be brutally fast, uncomplicated, and eye-catching, this low-tech superstar from Detroit hit instant fame. Learn More

  • Zambezi

    The modern gentleman is best described as chivalrous, courteous and honorable. With the distinctly styled woven silk of the Zambezi loosely knotted about your evening wear you will be the embodiment of these three words. Featuring a weighted wool liner this tie is the perfect addition to your corporate or casual spectrum.

    Stretching 3,540kms across 6 countries, the Zambezi is a river of great power and beauty. Learn More

  • Zeus

    A classic Skinny tie should have a place in every man's wardrobe and the Zeus is no exception. This dark grey Skinny tie has a blade width of 5cm and is perfect for casual settings, to the races and even to work.

    In the ancient Greek religion, Zeus is the "Father of Gods and men" who rules the Olympians of Mount Olympus as a father rules the family. Learn More

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63 Item(s)

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