A stunning black, pink and white tie perfect for a special occasion or as a strong business tie to wear daily.

On 1st January 2003 BMW officially took over Rolls Royce and with it introduced us to the much anticipated new model, the Phantom. It's styling has proved controversial with an exaggerated front grille and rear 'suicide' doors and at nearly 6 metres long and 1.6 metres high it is certainly an imposing site. Most important of all, however, It is unmistakeably a Rolls Royce. BMW's super smooth V12 (bored out to the traditional 6.75 litre capacity) provides the power, while fully adjustable air suspension ensures the expected high quality ride.
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Focus, really great job. You live up to the business name. Delivery was quick, even by regular post standards. The tie is well made; I note the stitching quality is better than more expensive brands that have let me down in the past. The products look a million dollars, but don't cost a million dollars. What more could you ask for. Thank you again.
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Length: 150cm
Blade width: 9cm
Materials: Silk with weighted wool liner

Additional Information

Colour Black
Promotions New
Style Striped
Width 9cm Blade Width
Cufflink Colour No
Cufflink Shape No

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