A delightful mix of orange silk with silver and white dotted silk scattered throughout. The Brabham is the perfect addition to a white, light blue or light green shirt.

Renowned for his technical skill, Brabham deserved respect as a driver. His aggressive style might not have had the finesse of his rivals, but then again none of them were winning their third world title at the age of 40 - as unlikely a proposition then as it is today
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Focus, really great job. You live up to the business name. Delivery was quick, even by regular post standards. The tie is well made; I note the stitching quality is better than more expensive brands that have let me down in the past. The products look a million dollars, but don't cost a million dollars. What more could you ask for. Thank you again.
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Length: 150cm
Blade width: 7cm
Materials: Silk with weighted wool liner

Additional Information

Colour Orange
Promotions No
Style Dotted, Wedding
Width 7cm Blade Width
Cufflink Colour No
Cufflink Shape No

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