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Blue Solid Silk Tie by Focus Ties (The Scaglietti - Premium High Quality Silk Business / Wedding Necktie)


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A stunning aqua blue tie made for a special occasion. With soft silk with a satin finish, this tie is perfect for your most important events - whether it's a wedding, ball, party or a special day - this tie is made to impress!

2004 saw the launch of the 612 Scaglietti, successor to Ferrari's long standing executive flagship the 456. The new car is bigger and heavier than the 456 but also brings with it a near 100bhp power increase to a substantial 540bhp! Handling is superb for such a large car thanks to it's front-mid engined layout in which 85% of the car's weight lies between the axles. This could well be the layout of the future due to forthcoming crash safety legislation.

Length: 150cm
Blade width: 7cm
Materials: Silk with weighted wool liner
SKU: FT-0152