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Silver Solid Silk Tie by Focus Ties (The Exige - Premium High Quality Silk Business / Wedding Necktie)


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A stunning orange tie made for a special occasion. With soft silk with a satin finish, this tie is perfect for your most important events - whether it's a wedding, ball, party or a special day - this tie is made to impress!

To introduce the Exige to a worldwide market the new generation model replaces the traditional Rover K-series engine with a new 'emissions friendly' powerplant courtesy of Toyota (and soon to be found in sister model the Elise) . The 1.8 litre engine outputs around the 190bhp mark and so matches the previous model giving broadly similar acceleration times but this time with a more linear delivery.

Length: 150cm
Blade width: 8cm
Materials: Silk with weighted wool liner
SKU: FT-0160